Feb 15, 2011

"The Cafe of Marian Aguilera": interview with La Vanguardia (2007)

In 2007, Marian Aguilera was featured in the magazine La Vanguardia, talking about her favourite coffee shop.

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(1) With El prado de las estrellas/The meadow of stars, the latest film by Camus which was just released, and her activity in soap operas, she has become a well-known face. Though her red hair is becoming familiar, it does not prevent enjoyment of the shelter of an ancient, anonymous local spot.

The Café of Marian Aguilera

The sight on an afternoon with coffee tables full of lonely people who read, write or speak on the phone is an image that portrays the spread comfort and local as a family-friendly space. Almost intimate. The Café de Manuela, on Calle San Vicente Ferrer's very cañí and juvenile Malasaña, it's all for the actress Marian Aguilera. Just exceeded thirty, the Barcelonian, who began her career with small theatrical roles and a brief appearance in El largo invierno/The Long Winter (1992), the one title that took Jaime Camino to Berlin, has spent ten years in Madrid; from 1997 she played Miriam in the famous pool of actors called Al salir de clase (1997-2002). For the past two years she has own an apartment in Malasaña. And Manuela has become a refuge, a place of encounter and intimacy attached to the home. Low afternoon with a coffee or a juice wrapped in one of the sofas that surround the establishment of dilapidated air and noble history linked to the move and other furies of Madrid. The Manuela is two years younger than Marian, but it dominates with its columns and Charleston coffee chairs as a nineteenth-century vintage.

At home there is poor coverage, so when calls are accumulated, it is a good time to get off to spend time in the Manuela. Perhaps next to the piano, buried under a mountain of games, with their playful invitation, underline the cordial and friendly character of the premises. Marian uses it as an extension of her apartment. She prefers an appointment with his friends there, even to confide in her friends. Zero view of the traffic, now that she has decided to pull out her card. Better than at home. There is always good music - stresses coziness - but remains in the background, without requiring to speak up or confuse the customer.

It is in use. Perhaps as old as the café, but there’s no proof. They bought it at an old drugstore.

It is about 90 years old. The coffee maker had served another location in Madrid and had been made in the same city by Francisco Carrera, in a workshop at the Green Cross Street 12, as contained in its own nameplate. Unfortunately, it does not work.

The variety of games on the shelves and even the ledge of the piano have been a witness in the local Antigua and acclaimed activities of the café.

No hunting autographs and fans that interrupt, and Marian, Silvia Castro in Los hombres de paco /Paco’s Men and Louise in El prado de las estrellas/The meadow of stars, goes to warn inattentive eyes, betrayed only by the brilliance of her red, Viking hair.

The Café de Manuela in the Malasaña district has become a safe refuge for actress Marian Aguilera.

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