Mar 30, 2011

Marian Aguilera: "Hollywood does not go through my head" (2008)

Origin: Entrevista Marian Aguilera: "Hollywood no pasa por mi cabeza" (2008)

Interview for the movie El prado de las estrellas.

El Prado de las Estrellas is her last movie in which she stars with Rodolfo Sancho, who was her brother in Al Salir de Clase.

She is part of the large pool that was forged in the series Al salir de clase. Colleagues like Pilar López de Ayala, Elsa Pataky or Hugo Silva have shown, both inside and outside our borders, that young Spanish actors are in, and Marian Aguilera is not far behind.

The redhead par excellence of the Spanish cinema is slowly reaping the fruits of years of work. For several years, she is part of the successful cast of Los hombres de Paco. Meanwhile, Marian loves to enjoy big-screen roles, such as Luisa in El prado de las estrellas.

This time the Catalan claims to have especially enjoyed being under the direction of the legendary Mario Camus. Furthermore, she has met again old colleagues such as Rodolfo Sancho, who was her brother in Al Salir de Clase and with whom has rekindled, thanks to the film, a beautiful friendship.

- Marian, this is the second time that you put yourself under the command of Mario Camus...
Yes, the truth is that it was great to be part of his team, but the last time there were very few days and I couldn't enjoy it much. At that time I could not know Mario in the same way that I have known him now, with more time.

- How was the shooting?
(Smiles) When I was shooting I didn't have the feeling of making a movie, like in other occasions, and that was wonderful. That has made everything much easier; it is what I liked the most.

- You're the only girl in the cast. How did you feel?
Sometimes they want to take you by the arm and other times they laugh at you, in the best sense. I felt very comfortable, very sheltered... Like a queen! It was a real pleasure.

- How is Luisa, your character?
She's the typical girl who pursues a dream, who is not very happy with her life and is doing something to improve. She wants to learn, to get going and does not want to stay locked in the village.

- You are also from a village in Barcelona. Did the same thing which happened to her, happened to you?
Yes, absolutely. I also had it as clear as she had but I didn't have so many obstacles because my village is very close to Barcelona. I went back and forth every day because I was studying in Barcelona, and it was easier to achieve my dreams.

- And in personality, do you resemble her?
Very much. We're both very stubborn, with things very clear in our minds. So clear that sometimes I get things wrong because I think that people around me are sending me negative messages, I always interpret like they are trying to manipulate me.

- At this point, you are succeeding in film and on the small screen. Do you stop to think about your beginnings?
Yes, what happens is that I have assumed that in this world, you have a day like this, and at the same time, there are other days who are less fortunate... I try not to celebrate too much.

- In addition to match the second time with the director, [you are matched again with] Rodolfo Sancho, with whom you started your career in Al salir de clase.
(Smiling) Yes, we hadn't work [together] again and it has been great. We had a very good relationship because we were “siblings” back then, and this time we have a relationship without passion, and that previous experience helped us a lot.

- Hadn't you seen each other since then?
Yes, but only at certain times. While filming the movie we had time to talk a lot and catch up. We had some conversations at the hotel where we have come to confide in each other. We met for dinner, we had stories, and gradually it became like the sibling relationship we had in Al salir de clase.

- And do you stay in touch with other co-stars of Al salir de clase?
Yes, almost all of us are in Madrid and we meet in many places; if not at a dinner, it's at a premiere. I do not maintain contact with all but with almost everyone.

- The majority of that group have formed what is known as the pool of actors of  the Spanish cinema...
It’s because back then there were not many young people series, so it is normal that they have drawn from us. It was a very good school.

- Does Hollywood go through your head?
I never think about it. I don’t see myself there nor I plan that. Sometimes it is very difficult to maintain the work here, even more to plan it there. I do not ever think about it.

- You are immersed in television, with Los Hombres de Paco, and in movies. Are you not planning to do theater?
I love theater, but it is hard to do it right now. Television is easier to do. Cinema and theater should be made in a more quiet and thoughtful manner. They are two things that are very hard and need to be thought of and take a chance to do beautiful things, that are worth it.

- They say you're a shy girl.
I may on occasion have said it myself, but I think that's not the word that defines me exactly, but it would be fairer to say that I am reserved.

- How do you define yourself?
Calm and introverted I would say.

- You have also stated that it takes a lot for you to get angry...
I get angry more and more (laughs). But if I get upset it is because I see injustices.

- What makes you nervous?
I get nervous depending on the day, how I feel. I am very irregular. One day I get very nervous at a press conference but in another, the next day, which is more important and with more people, I don’t. In this sense I still do not know me (laughs).

- Do you have a project coming up?
No. I'm still with Los Hombres de Paco. I have a movie premiere, where I make a tiny but very nice appearance, but I still do not know the release date.

- Any perspectives for 2008 that has just begun?
I don’t know (smile). It has just started and we'll see as it progresses.

- Marian, a dream to fulfill?
Many. Above all, to be a better person and have a good relationship with the people around me; being a righteous person.

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  1. She is most definitely reserved. She is quite private, and seems to not care about the "being famous" part of her job. It is refreshing to see an actress that cares more about the craft than the perks of being famous. (although, it would be nice to know more about her) Her emotional range as an actress is amazing, and I'm mesmerized when I watch her. Not only is she classically pretty, she is also quiet and mysterious.