Feb 11, 2011

Marian Aguilera: “Being unfaithful can cause a lot of damage” (Sexologies, 2007)

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My note: I did a bit proofreading. If you can improve, email me here. And a few parts of the interview are omitted because I couldn’t make any sense out of them. My Spanish is as good as my understanding of why people are spending billions to explore Pluto when 1 in every 6 humans are dying from starvation here on Earth. But that's too much info.. ;)


MARIAN AGUILERA: “Being unfaithful can cause a lot of damage"

Audience knows her for her role as an eternal teenager in “Al salir de clase”, but long ago, at the age of eleven, Marian Aguilera participated in her first movie. As Silvia in "Los Hombres De Paco", the show will very soon be played in movie theatres. In January she will face a challenge in the new movie by Mario Camus “El prado de las estrellas”.

She showed up on her door step, next to the most popular café in Madrid, Funcarral, with her eyes closed. “We were filming a scene till 7 am next day, in the woods, I didn’t get much sleep,” she said, and got in the taxi that took us to the studio where we were having the photo session. In the session, Marian Aguilera is posing in the cabaret costume with a spirit of a model, and she is so beautiful and elegant. Days later, and now it’s 4pm and we are in the historic café Plaza del Dos de Mayo, in the centre of Malasaña, in the neighborhood where she lives happily, despite its being smaller than Barcelona, the city where she was born and she loves, a city like no other in the world.

At this moment, Marian is taking a slow sip of cola light, start slowly talking, also quietly, about her life, her plans, her dreams, her handsome boyfriend whom she has been with for the past ten years. This 30 year-old woman is the person that you can talk about almost anything, to lose yourself in endless conversations, or say nothing and calmly relaxed equally well, because this girl is eerily simple, enigmatically timid, natural as a baby; sometimes engages in some deep thoughts, with watery eyes and the look of one who has many things to think about.

She participated in her first film at the age of eleven, while still not knowing well what she was doing. And years later, to her chagrin, Barcelona and Madrid changed. But the public didn’t know her till she’s in her adolescence, in “Al salir de clase”. Just few years later, Marian took the reins of her life, and until recently faced the consequences and the challenges of being a real actress.

-What’s going on with Los Hombres de Paco? It’s been four seasons now and you have a loyal audience…
I'm very happy; at least, I get on very well with my co-workers, we’re working in a good environment, and that makes us all happy, something not always achieved. When I read the first chapters, I laughed a lot and it looks like the audience likes it too.

-Is there any similarity between Marian Aguilera and Silvia, your character in the show?
I identify with her a lot and the many things that she is going through. I also can be impulsive and lose a little direction when things in my life are complicated. But Silvia is almost a disease. As she removes latex gloves and stop looking through the microscope, she loses her security. She is good, but personally and emotionally, very bad. Her strategies in life are so surreal. And, of course, otherwise, it means we have nothing to do.

-Hugo Silva usually appears in the polls as one of the most attractive men. How is he like up close and personal?
We get along wonderfully, but there has never been anything between him and me. We are friends and we laugh a lot.

-We recognize that you have a great sense of humour.
Yes, people always tell me that (laughs).

"I am not that type of a person like: I'll catch you here, I'll kill you here; it makes me feel cold"

-Is it true that the series will make the leap to movies?
Yes, very soon we will begin shooting the "Los Hombres de Paco" film, but we know almost nothing. Part of the film will be shot in New York and Ibiza. Perhaps we will premiere for Christmas.

-Why critical of television so much?
There is a lot of garbage on TV, that's true. But there are also fictions, TV movies… Thanks to them, many actors may be working on their own. I don’t understand what’s wrong: we meet wonderful people, have fun, learn ...

-Do you have film in the works?
In September the movie “El Prado de las Estrellas”, by Mario Camus, and I play a social worker who lives in a small village in Cantabria with her brother and her boyfriend. She is forced to leave everything to achieve her goals. It’s a beautiful movie and my role is very nice.

-You are also working on stage.
I expected so; I love it since I was little. As an actress, it is something that requires more sacrifice than the TV or the movies, and more nerve-racking, I enjoy it quite as well, because it is more intense, more beautiful.

-You just turned 30 yrs. How did you celebrate it?
I was in Malaga for the film festival, and there were almost everyone from the series. Besides, because in that city I have done a small film and two short ones with the same cast, I had other friends too. I remember there was a significant football game and although I don’t like this sport, I took them all in a terrace that had a giant screen from which they could watch the game. We celebrated my birthday a little while, and then we saw the cathedral and the soccer game.

-Some say that with thirty comes the first age crisis.
Where I am now, it’s phenomenal; it really begins now to feel good. I have marked the thirty positively.

-Hypothetically, if you won a Goya, or better yet, an Oscar, to whom you would dedicate?
My family, those who already have passed on and those who are still here. To my boy. Also to some friends and people that had lent me a hand when I was in need.

-Do you miss Barcelona?
A lot, I love it, I enjoy the city a lot; I think it’s a beautiful city. If I had to stay in a unique city in the world, I would choose Barcelona.

-Things that you consider yourself a real disaster?
With important letters, because I don’t keep them all in one place and then I would take a long time to find them. And clothing, for the same reasons. With my mobile phone, I always put it on silent. When I miss calls, I forget to respond; and the same thing happens to me with email.

-What are your greatest strengths?
I am very affectionate with people I love. Sometimes wildly at that. Then I tend to think well of everyone and I am excited with the new people that I meet. But may be I'm too trusting.

-What kind of people do you like?
One whom you can trust; open people, honest, tolerant, non-judgmental about the appearance and someone who is interested in the things you do. I hate people who are closed-minded.

-What does the guy have to have to attract you?
He should have the same qualities, that’s the basis for a person to like him. Also, there must be that magic that sometimes occurs between two people.

-Is there something in your life that you feel especially proud of?
To feel strong and to have continued walking forward despite the difficulties I've been finding. There have been times in my life that I feel very weak, just really hard. I started working since I was small and that can come to harm you in many ways.

-Mature too soon?
Yes, but in many ways I could not make the decisions that I really wanted and that made me very vulnerable. Now I feel I begin to decide for myself and not allow myself to go with the flow.

-Your fans made you a page on the web. Do you communicate with them?
Almost none, but as I told you about my problems with the mobile and e-mail. I have never seen it. They are just tired of being my fans and think they have chosen the most unfriendly actress! The truth is that I do not have time for anything. I have to be better organized and tell them something once in a while. Take the opportunity to send a greeting from here.

-58% of citizens believe that Spanish cinema is mediocre, according to a survey which results were released recently.
That’s radical! I think there is still much prejudice about our cinema. There are enough Spanish films that I like a lot. For example “Tuya siempre!” (Manuel Lombardero) and “AzulAscuroCasiNegro” (Daniel Sanchez Arevallo).

-But it is true that people haven’t watched enough Spanish cinema.
Neither French cinema nor Asian. The majority only watch American films. I believe that education is the problem, or custom, because people don’t see it when it comes to understanding and seeing things that require effort.

-Being an actress, is it a dream fulfilled?
I decided enough after “Al salir de clase”; I never knew that I was going to do this seriously.

-Is there a day that you are doing an interview and that you're not asked about “Al salir de clase”?
I don’t mind! At first, when I was in the series, it was like a well-paying job that I held upon arriving in Madrid. Contrary to what one might think, I didn’t have illusions at all that people would recognize me on the street! It was quite strange for me because many young people spoke to me and I had had almost no relationship with the youth. I did not have the typical group of friends because I had done very little schooling and college.

-Fame has never attracted you?
Never. I like my job and I have ambitions at work, of course, but when people point and say "she’s from that TV show" or "famous", something is stirring in my stomach. I find it very strange, and especially when I'm with people, I am very embarrassed. If only I care less.

-But something has changed you on TV?
May be I've become a bit harder, tougher. It’s like walking down the street feeling more tense, somewhat alert.

-How do you prefer to use your free time?
The first thing I do after long periods of working, eating out and living without schedules, is to fill the fridge, collect my things, clean up and regain my sense of coming home. After that rest and read, watch a movie, listening to music, meet friends and talk. Ah! Now I’m learning to play the piano.

-You don’t enjoy much attention at premieres, festivals… Yesterday, for example, you were at the party with your friends Hugo Silva, Michelle Jenner and Aitor Luna.
I do not go a lot because I’m just really tired from work and if I get two days off I have so many things to do than I have time for anything else. Besides, I have family in Barcelona and I take every opportunity to go there. Anyway, when I have holidays, I’d go to events again, and it's fun because you meet interesting people that has to do with you and also you can chat with co-workers outside the context of work.

-Adria Collado told us that when he saw himself on the screen for the first time he felt embarrassed about it. And you, do you like to see yourself?
Sometimes I hate it, but not always. It’s horrible! I couldn’t ever see myself… The funny thing is that normally I liked myself before.

-You say you are ambitious; how far would you like to come as an actress?
I would like to do characters that lived interesting lives.

-If a famous director proposes to you a role in a movie which script you don’t like, would you still accept?
It depends on how many projects I am at that time.

-And if it requires a high voltage sexual scene?
No doubt I would do it, if it’s justified and important because we know that there are wonderful films without such scenes. I’d say 'No' if I only had one scene in a terrible sex movie.

-Do you feel shy to undress in front of a camera?
Yes, absolutely; I feel very shy.

-To become an actress, how much of it is talent and how much is luck?
A lot of luck, something you must have. But I don’t think it’s just luck. In other words, if there is no real talent you must have endurance, patience, perseverance, charm, whatever. There are people who do not really deliver but managing in this business and they have made great things because of other virtues. At the same time, I also see some very good actors, who come to make a single chapter and who are not known. It’s a shame. In my case I think there has been a bit of everything and a lot of hard work; never in my life that I have let my guard down.

-What man do you think looks awesome?
My boyfriend is awesome to me.

-When do you look at a man?
As a whole, I’m not necessarily attracted to something beautiful.

-Beauty is not important for you when you look out for a man?
That boredom itself is a handsome man!

-During the photo shoot, the whole team was enamoured by you. Do you consider yourself a pretty girl?
Let's see.., depends on whom you compare yourself with... There are days that I do not look pretty, and on others, I think I’m the most beautiful in the world. In general I believe what I have is nothing, only some days (laughs).

You have always been a person with many suitors?
Not many. Also I have always been very awkward with flirting.

-Let’s say hypothetically that you had no boyfriend, would you go to bed with an impressive man, very, very handsome, perfect body, but he was an imbecile?
I think not! It's also that I’m not a person I catch you here, I'll kill you here; I appear very cold.

-But can there be good sex without love?
Yes, of course, but with love is better, no?

-Astrologers say that no one is more sensitive and romantic than a Pisces.
Sensitive perhaps, but romantic.., what they say romantic, I'm not. To me, romantic can mean anything as long as you are with the right person, any gesture, or in chance encounter with your love interest at a traffic light. I prefer to be surprised with a good movie, and to do so with a bouquet of flowers.

-In the movies, sex scene adds appeal?
It’s very well that there are sex scenes in the movies, if required by the story. I think it’s there just to attract more audience. A movie still can be perfectly good without a sex scene.

“I prefer to be surprised with a good movie, and to do so with a bouquet of flowers”

-And in real life, is sex necessary?
Well, there are people who live without sex, but neither should we despise. A joy for the body does not hurt anybody. What is dangerous is that it can become an addiction. The balancing of sex between what is normal and balanced is something, not only necessary, but also fun.

-Are men are more sexual than woman?
I think that's a myth, but I'm not a man to know for sure. But I think there are women who are very driven too... what happens is that if a woman takes the lead in bed with a man who does not know much, it seems that society looks at her very badly, no?

-Can you live without love in relationship and be happy?
I think yes, you can live very quietly. Having a partner is great, but it’s also difficult; something that requires hard work.

-Do you believe in love for life?

-Passion or sexual desire is lost in a partner after many years?
Let go! The passion is not to be missed. If some things are lost and others are gained, that's normal.

-How much emphasis do you give to fidelity?
Enough, because I think that being unfaithful, you can do much damage to the other person. Although each couple is unique, and there are some who for many years, having an open relationship works for them. It all depends.



WEAPONS FOR SEDUCTION : What works is to be natural, right?


DEFECTS OF A PERFECT LOVER : Selfish, excessive, foolish

IDEAL PLACE TO LIVE A LOVE AFFAIR : Doesn’t matter; any place is fine if the company is


BRAD PITT OR JAVIER BARDEM? : They are both very cute

YOUR TURNOFF : A forced joke, faking a laughter ...

SWEET OR SAVAGE? : Somewhere in the middle or both together


IMPOSSIBLE FANTASY : Impossible to tell

SEX WITHOUT LOVE OR LOVE WITHOUT SEX? : At least, with affection

LIGHT OR DARK? : Penumbra


SIZE MATTER? : Not much

MEN WITH HAIR OR WITHOUT HAIR : Perhaps those who genetically don’t have much hair

YOUR HOUSE OR HIS? : In yours! ... Hello, Curro! Hey, open to climb in!

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