Jul 17, 2017

From Maripili to Marian Aguilera (2017): Interview

From Maripili to Marian Aguilera
June 29, 2017 | From apis.es

Also in From Maripili to Marian Aguilera (2017): Video.

The actress, protagonist of the mythical spot of Apis, speaks to us 30 years after her eating habits.

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Marian, you were Maripili, that girl who did not want to eat at the Apis 80's spot. Tell us some anecdote about that shoot.

Well it was a great adventure, I was about 9 years old and it was my first shoot out of Barcelona. We were taken to Madrid, me and my brother, who also comes out in the advertisement! And it was great fun: the supermarket was decorated, the team was very friendly ... it was all like a game. For years I was Maripili of Apis.

Are you still as fussy about eating as you used to be on the spot?

Quite. And more and more (smiles). There are things I have stopped taking, such as artificially-looking products. I like the kitchen to be as natural as possible.

Do you usually cook with tomatoes?

A lot, especially what I do is use natural tomatoes along with shredded tomatoes and I mix everything, so that I have the pieces or the skin, which I love for pasta. I'm very a tomato lady (laughs). In the spot it was said that the meals had changed.

Do you think they are very different now than they were before?

I think there used to be less variety. I remember for example the first time I saw a kiwi, and now there are all of the colors ... (laughs). In general now people want to eat better and better. Everyone wants a tomato that smells and really knows tomato, and some brands have been able to evolve very well in that sense using organic and natural ingredients.

What should never change?

I think the meeting time at the table. It is what nostalgia gives me. Now we do not have time, we do not give so much value ... when you are small you reunite with your family and your uncles come, your cousins, you invite a friend ... Those moments I miss very much and they should not change.

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