Feb 6, 2015

Interview: “I think that Gabriel Olivares would like that of getting in a bathroom with women”

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“I think that Gabriel Olivares would like that of getting in a bathroom with women”

Lu’s birthday brings a surprise party, madness, drunkenness and some confessions between friends. And everything without going out of the bathroom! The actress who was born on TV as Miriam in Al Salir de Clase and died as Silvia in Los Hombres de Paco is the leading actress of this hilarious comedy, where 100% of the cast are women – Mar del Hoyo, Ana Villa and Roser Pujol, between others – and that is directed by the great Gabriel Olivares. We spoke with Marian Aguilera to find out what happens in this so crowded bathroom.

What is En el Baño?

A comedy about the friendship between women and I don’t know if it is only for women because everyone laughs but it is true that women find it funnier.

Let’s talk about Lu, your character…

She is a girl who turns 40 and has a big problem. She needs this time to solve it and, at that exact moment, her friends decide to celebrate her birthday. It happens when she is not so open to friendship, a more egotistical time because she needs to solve this big conflict. She doesn’t like to talk about things and share it but her friends are the typical persons who like to know other people’s problems to help or not. They want to use Lu’s celebration to be together and celebrate their friendship but Lu is not on the same page… Each one of them has a very different life and their encounter makes very strong things arise.

This play is written, adapted and interpret by women but it is directed by Gabriel Olivares. Where is this masculine influence noticeable?

Se mueve com bastante soltura! For some things, we [women] have a more naïf point of view. I don’t know if that is because men think we are more evil but I also think that having been writing with Beatriz Santana and Pilar Gutiérrez, gave him a lot of information. I think that Gabriel Olivares would like that of getting in a bathroom with women (laughs).

Why should nobody lose the opportunity to see En el Baño?

It is a highly surprising play for the things that happen, that are so fresh. We did a lot of work with Gabriel to reach it. Also for the characters, their reactions, how they solve their problems, the space that is very original. It is a very fresh story with which everyone will identify and will have an amusing time. People have a good time!

Which character is more well-known by the people and what was the most surprising thing that people said about that?

I have several anecdotes…!!! (laughs) I remember that when I was filming Al Salir de Clase, I went to a fair in Jerez and, I don’t know how that happened, but I ended up running away from a lot of people that would ask me “who got you pregnant?” (laughs) I had to run although I was having fun dancing. The rumour spread and I don’t know if it was the euphoria of the moment, because it was a fair or because people had been drinking wine but I had to go and avoid something like 50 persons. On top of that I didn’t know the answer because I hadn’t read the script! (laughs)

Are we going to see on TV soon with another project?

Besides En el Baño and some days in Burundanga, I will appear in Águila Roja interpreting a very very beautiful character, somethings very unique and special. I am very happy!

A perfect plan for Marian’s free time when she is not ‘en el baño’ is…

I work on the weekend! So, if for example I have Sunday and Monday… And what I like the most is take a walk outside with my dogs. I love to walk without a schedule, according to my will.

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