Sep 18, 2013

Marian Aguilera at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid - Spring/Summer 2014 (2013)

Thanks to Marla Gutierrez Perez for the update!

Marian Aguilera was at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid - Spring/Summer (2013) on 13th Sept. 2013, at the front row of Ailanto's fashion show.

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  1. stunning as ever....simple yet elegant! natural beauty! God Bless Marian...i am always awed by your humility and simplicity. 'wishing to meet you in person one day. anne of california.

  2. I like that Marian don't have Facebook or Twitter or shit like that !!!!!... Intelligent girl !!!!!... And only for this i love her !!!!!!!!! ... About that obsession with ''PEPSI '' i think Marian DESERVE MORE than this !!!!... Is a GREAT ACTRESS in many movies !!!!...

    1. I love your comment. I think she's an intelligent girl too, who is a private celebrity. I respect her a lot in her career. She's very humble. I wish to meet her in person. Gotta learn more Spanish. She can speak in Eng but not so much, she would be more comfy in Spanish, I think