Nov 23, 2011

Marian Aguilera and Club de las 25 at lunch with Santiago Carrillo (2011)

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Full article: Comida de mujeres con Santiago Carrillo: “No sé a quién votar el 20N”

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Posted on November 15, 2011 at 12:05

Last Friday, 11th November 2011, Marian Aguilera and other women of “Club de las 25” attended a lunch with the former secretary general of the PCE, Santiago Carrillo. Women filmmakers, journalists, entrepreneurs, artists, poets, actors, writers, singers, shared with the man, who at 96, astonishes with his lucidity, inexhaustible verb and sympathy, confidence, possible solutions to crises, views on feminism and royalty, secrets of the past and present, views on the 20N and the movement of the indignant; in addition to wine, coffee, lots of laughter and cigarettes.

From left to right: Iluminada Olivares, Pilar V. de Foronda, Marian Aguilera, Georgina Cisquella, Santiago Carrillo, Chus Gutiérrez, Pilar Aguilar, Karmele Marchante, Ana Kuntz, Antonia, Amalia Sánchez Sampedro and Carmen Menéndez, wife of Santiago Carrillo.
The lunch table. Marian Aguilera is tucked on the left
Mayte Carrasco and Marian Aguilera

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