Oct 1, 2011

Marián Aguilera's coolest fall

September 30th, 2011
PEOPLE | vanidad.es

Marián Aguilera talks about how much her mother resembles the beautiful Isabelle Huppert, how she almost watched the whole of "Six Feet Under" in one go and how she loves that acting is so surprising every day.

Date and place of birth.
March 12, 1977, in Barcelona.

In the new series like CSI, "Homicidios", what is your character?
I am a forensic expert who brings some humor to an otherwise quite serious plot.

Do you like that kind of series?
If it is good, of course I get hooked.

So what are you hooked on?
I don't watch a lot of TV, due to schedules and because at night I fall asleep. Now I'm not hooked on any series in particular thankfully, because when it happens I almost have to watch the whole of it in one go.

What was the last you saw?
"Six Feet Under".

When it comes to movies, do you prefer independent or commercial cinema?
I like films, regardless if they're commercial or not.

What is the last movie you've seen and did you like it?
Yesterday I saw "White Material" ​​by Claire Denis with Isabelle Huppert.

Actually, you look a lot like her.
My mother looks a lot more like her than me, but thanks. How can you not like Isabelle Huppert?

What is the best thing about being an actress?
Well there must be something really good about it, if I'm still here doing this. I think the surprise factor. Surprises never end.

If you could go back, would you change anything?
I think that even with the things I didn't like, it's always cool to know that you can actually make mistakes and then that you can change and overcome some things in life.

Who you would like to meet?
Cesar Millan, Clint Eastwood, Geena Rowlands, Meryl Streep, Stevie Wonder, Takashi Kitano, Miguel Poveda, Montserrat Caballé and all her family, Ferran Adrià and Luz Casal.

What do you enjoy doing when you're not working?
Being at home, tidying up, hanging out with friends, walking my dog, reading, going to the movies ...

What has been your latest discovery?
I've discovered a lot of things about dogs recently. I have a dog that recently came by chance into my life ... For example, I didn't know she would choose the collar she wants to wear.

A wish for the coming year.
Continue enjoying life and growing.

Shirt by Dsquared, jeans by Levi's Curve ID and boots by Pretty Ballerinas 

In September, Marian is in "Homicidios" (Tele 5). She has two upcoming films “El último fin de semana” and “Lo más importante en la vida es no haber muerto.” She was back in theatre with "La Gaviota" directed by Ruben Ochandiano, from 10 September at the Teatro Lara in Madrid.

By José Ganga. Photo by Raul Cordoba. Cristina Performing Terron. Makeup and hairdressing by Klay Kafe.

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