Feb 26, 2011

Marian Aguilera: "The TV is very good as a means to earn a living, entertainment and enjoyment" (2007)

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Marian Aguilera is Silvia in Antena3 series "Los hombres de Paco". As an actress, she has also appeared in five other television series and many other films as well as a foray into theater. Before this, she was a model and was proud, as an 15 year-old, to receive the Olympic torch by sea at Empúries for Barcelona '92.

- How do you get along with your character Silvia?

Well, I love it. I really like it. She has changed much since the series started, but that's normal when a television series is lengthened both in terms or other functions. And the little girl has had this failure in marriage and living with Lucas is still a bit traumatized, but nevertheless she behaves quite well because he has made a pretty big bitch. Occasionally she will lose her head a little and it always seems more fun to work. Hacía toward tiempo time que no me daban una trama así that way. At times, I was not given a chance to play like that. I like to go crazy and stuff and wants to poison the boyfriend ... And I like that she is so emotionally unstable and weak.

- In the series, you work with your father and your ex-husband, and not getting along with either, stressful, right?

With my ex-husband's a different story, don’t take me wrong, but it is normal not to be supportive. And as for my own father, who has no name, he is always in a bad mood. In general it is very difficult to get along with people close in this life ...

- In the world of television we've seen you in "Al salir de Clase", "Paraíso", "Esencia de Poder", "Código Fuego", or "El Inquilino", how is your relationship with the format of TV series?

The TV is very good because a film does not guarantee you a film life for the rest of your life. And the TV forces you to be active, to study, to know, to learn ... as a means of livelihood and to look for entertainment and enjoyment ...it’s fine.

- What many people do not know is that you participated in your first film at the of age 10 in "El largo invierno del 39", then you have been part of the cast of "La ciudad de los Prodigios", "Tuno Negro”, “Tánger”, or the latest "Huellas que devuelve el mar" what brings you films in contrast to television?

It has been in a more continued manner in television, movies always come to me as gifts. It is a job you can get to enjoy more because it has a beginning and an end. Then you know more what you do normally and everything is quite clear that you have to put more care than on TV. In a movie you enjoy most about your work.

- You also have lavished on stage, in Madrid and Barcelona representing works such as "Es així si os ho sembla" by Pirandello or "La enfermedad de la juventud". How do you come on stage? Would you take it as a secondary activity or want to do theater on par with television and film?

I feel good, but I do not like doing theater for nothing and in any role. It's a little more sacrifice and I think more difficult. On the stage, it makes me very nervous, the same as during premieres of TV series or of cinema, but multiplied by a million. The first minutes are about survival. But I don’t having much experience in theater. What I have done here in Madrid has recently been with friends. It was with huge public and crowded theater and all that, but what I did was like I was too young to appreciate it, and probably was very nervous. I remember being very, very, very nervous. In fact, since the end of the function I have dreamed many times that they left and I didn’t know the script. And it's been years already, so go figure.

- Considering that in addition to television, film and theater, you also worked as a model, it can be said that you make good use of your time ...

Well, yes. I do not know. I guess I take it. Does it seem so to you?

- Yes, and I think you can be proud of it.

Yes, the truth is that I am.

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