Dec 5, 2010

Marian Aguilera in TebMática Coperativa (March 2000)

Translated into Spanish from Catalan by olgava from Muchas gracias!

Marian Aguilera appeared in TebMática Coperativa (No. 03) for the March 2000 edition.

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Photos: Elle
Text: FM. De Foix / Alex Altirriba

Marian Aguilera Pérez (22 years)

Born in Montgat (Barcelona). At the age of 15, she spent her first three months in Milan as a model. At 16 the consecration, received the Olympic torch in Empúries. For the Special Olympics 1992, she carried the torch at Palau Sant Jordi. Ever since that same day, she has traveled with the athletes and coaches, and has continued the ACELL specials. We also follow her, in films and on TV (as Miriam from "Al salir de clase" and Rita "Laberint d'ombres", a Catalan soap opera). She is about to release a movie “Besos de Tinta/Kiss of Ink”, filmed in Bilbao.

Marian is very young, courageous, determined and gentle, very interesting and interested in everything around her, restless, messy... although, now living alone in Madrid, she is learning to tidy up. She has done many things and has been fortunate to have a mother who has helped her and has been by her side when she is in need. Now she flies solo and flying high (and she looks happy.)

1) What is your hobby?
Above all the music and also: dance, travel, read ...

2) What obsession do you have?
I'm clueless and a bit obsessive, I think I've always left something: keys, the throttle, the light on. I check it, get out of bed, go home ..

3) What do you love?
Chocolate, I can not buy it! Also, comfortable clothes, feeling good, having fun.

4) What you do not like?
I do hope, though, I'm not always on time.

5) A trip?
What impressed me most is India, but the contrasts are extreme. In "plan": tranquil islands, especially Menorca and Ibiza. Also the south: Granada.

6) What do you like the job and what not?
When I do what I like I feel like not working. Sometimes, I prefer small parts and reject larger roles. It is difficult, but if I can choose I do not like the cold, people who "pass" sophistication.

7) Any disappointment?
Someone, anyone. But I'm doing good; now, very well. We all need help sometimes.

8) A wish for 2000?
For the world, primarily, peace. And for Monty to laugh a lot and never lose the drive.

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