Jan 2, 2011

Trailer: "Tánger" (2004)

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Marian Aguilera in "Tánger": video clip and screen caps

In 2004, Marian Aguilera starred in Tánger, an action/drama film. She has a small role in the film, starring as Marisa, who died early.

The film was released on 21 May 2004 in Spain.

Director and Writer: Juan Madrid

Stars: Jorge Perugorría, Ana Fernández and Fele Martínez

(Marian Aguilera at 0.29, very briefly)


From es.wikipedia.org:

Abdul Kader Torres (Jorge Perugorria) is the illegitimate son of a former curator of the political police, Ricardo Torres (Jose Manuel Cervino), and a beautiful tangerine. This serious and smart man returns to Madrid with the task of dealing with his father's business, called "Executive Tangier." Knowing that the business has a social activity rather dubious, Abdul excited to be accessed in front of him. In addition to the responsibility that entails, is a way to reach out and earn the love of his distant father. It also means a second career opportunity, as in his native Tangier lost his teaching profession due to his addiction to alcohol.

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