Mar 15, 2011

Marian in streamy "Akemarropa": Episode 9 - Amigos (2008)

In 2008, Marian Aguilera starred in episode 9 of Akemarropa, a streamy (short web series), created and directed by Ezekiel Montes. The streamy was produced for the 11th Edition of Spanish Film Festival of Malaga (2008). Ezekiel Montes shot and edited all the episodes, and uploaded them to his page here. Image gallery by Ezekiel Montes here. Website:

Also starring Antonio Molero, Elena Martinez, Val Koff, Paul Lapidus, David Reymonde, Eduardo Duro, Gabriel Arrom, Silvia Medina, Ronky Rodriguez.

More details here: COM and

Akemarropa: Episode 9 - Amigos
(for Malaga Film Festival 2008)

The making of Akemarropa: Episode 9:

Videos by Ezekiel Montes

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