Mar 26, 2011

Marian Aguilera at Islantilla Festival of Cinema and Television 2008


by Mario Asensio 29.05.2008

Islantilla Film Festival is open on the Internet through its website, which has an active video gallery with all the daily events that are happening in films and television shows from the opening gala; from the tributes, panel discussions, press conferences and series that make up the official selection, among other things.

And in the final stretch of the Festival, the honorees will be in Islantilla - Cuadri Antonio, Luis Varela and Carmen Machi, that their acts will be accompanied by Mapi Galán, Yolanda Arestegui, Juan Cobos Wilkins, Ana Ruiz, Guillermo Toledo, Marian Pena or Melanie Olivares. Other celebrity guests are Ana Fernandez, Marian Aguilera, Andrea Strong, Eva Hache, Ivan Massague, Adam Jazierski, Ursula Corberó, Borja Tous, Fede Celeda, Mar Santana, Gemma Cuervo, Valerio Pino.

Video (by Hola Amigos)
(MA from 03.11-04.17)

By Kurt

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