Mar 12, 2011

Interview: "The concept of cinema seems very romantic to me" (2008)

Marian Aguilera's interview appeared in, February 2008 edition.Very cool!

Marián Aguilera (Barcelona, 1977) has spent all her life in front of the cameras. As a young girl, she received in 1992 the Barcelona Olympic flame that came from the sea. She was in an old boat opposite the Empúries' ruins. She soon fulfilled her dream of becoming an actress in both movies and television series. Al Salir de Clase and Los hombres de Paco, which she is a member of, have been her most famous television appearances, and her last film was El prado de las estrellas by Mario Camus. Discreet, sensitive and kind, she recognizes that there is a project in 2009 that motivates her but she cannot reveal anything yet.

You started your career as a model, what did it bring you and why did you leave it behind?

It was not exactly like that. I started with advetisement when I was still a little girl and at that age one is neither a model nor an actress, because I was also doing theater and I had appeared on a television series. What happens is that  until a certain age, one is neither model nor actress. Until 18, you do what turns up. So, yes, I did some modeling, but it was childlike. It was something distant and different from what happened in my hometown and school. In reality, until I decided to be an actress, it was not very different, although I have always wanted to be an actress. And when I was modeling, I traveled a lot and I could be independent. I was meeting people and living alone since I was very young.

At just 15, in 1992, you were chosen to receive the Olympic torch from the sea, at Empúries. How do you remember it?

It was something different from what I had done until then, and I remember it a little bit like vacations. I didn't feel I had a great responsability in any way. It was something casual and besides I was surrounded by people, like dancers and other actors that I admired at that time. For me, it was a fascinating experience.

Your film debut was in 1992 by the hand of James Road in the movie El largo invierno, what did you learn from that first experience in front of the the cameras?

Well, I was small and I was already used to being in front of the cameras. But the role I had was very small. I remember it was a school in Barcelona between Ramblas and Paralelo, the area of Raval. And I remember we shot at a college and it was all old. It was a period film and it really was like walking into that time. I was quite amazed at the atmosphere, the amount of clothing ... and it was different too. It was more real than anything else.

Your face became known nationally because of your appearance on Al salir de Clase. How were those years, from 1997 to 1999 in the series?

I remember them fondly. I met new people, I had just moved to Madrid, I did not come with the clear intention, at least consciously, of search of work, but of moving a little, going to another place. And this was very fast, I think it was like the second day, I had a casting and they called me. And the truth is that it was the first time I worked with people of my age for so long and that was a very positive experience for me. I learned many things.

You've been working on Los hombres de Paco since its debut in 2005 and already going into its fifth season. How is the environment with all the cast?

Good. Well, I play a character with whom I go to work just a few days. And that's fine once in a while because it allows you to relax and not get tired, you never get the feeling of being the all day at work and not having time for yourself. I think it’s the character that I wanted to do right now. It is a way of stay active, go to work, study, learn, and meet different people. And I have very good colleagues, so it's an ideal situation.

What attracts you in the cinema in contrast to television?

First, the concept of cinema seems very romantic to me. It is clear that not because it is cinema, it's always going to be better than television. But I like good cinema and the good thing about working on a film is that there is a time line, you know there is a beginning and an end, and we’re doing something very specific. It's not the uncertainty of the television which often outlines the plot with no rhyme or reason. Theoretically, in a film the characters are always much more elaborated and that is a pleasure because it allows you to do your job.

Do you have any medium term expectations?

Yes, I would be thrilled to continue taking on different projects. I love changing, I enjoy it a lot. I'm not a person who is happy to have a sure thing. I like to be suddenly surprised; keep doing my job and with different characters. What I like is variety, to change. New challenges.

Any prospect of something like that right now?

Yes, but for next year. There is a project which I'm looking forward to, to begin rehearsing. But as no one else is talking about that right now, I will not do it either; I don't want to mess up or say something that I can't, it's already known how these things work... And this year until July I'm busy with the series, then the season finishes. And then we'll see.

Are you excited about the possibility of being a mother?

What a question, all of a sudden! (Laughs) At the moment I am content with the children of my friends, my in-laws and my cousins. And the truth is that when I am with them I do feel like having one, of course. It is impossible not to think about it. But I don't know.., right now I don't plan it, but I'm also not stating that it is not the time. It's like... well, as in my life everything is pretty unpredictable, maybe tomorrow I'll say "Hey look ..". But today I had not thought about that, not at 12 at noon (laughs)...

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