Nov 21, 2010

Marian Aguilera in "Tic Tac" (1997)

Thank you, Sören Ney for the summary of the film, the link of the trailer and contacting us for more information on the film!

"It's Christmas and the 7 Year old Hector is traveling with his parents to France in order to visit his grandmother. He is not pleased because it's always boring there. After his father found out that "eternity" is a missing word in his crossword and an old woman described it as a timeless place, Hector writes a letter to the three wise man making the wish that he would rather travel to eternity than to France. His wish comes true."
Summary written by Soeren Ney

In the fantasy film, Marian Aguilera starred as (the) Moon.

The film is in Catalan.

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